Health and Safety Consultancy

Health & Safety Management

Increasingly organisations are realising the benefits of outsourcing certain roles to specialists, whether you need assistance writing health & safety polices, procedures or would like your own training courses professionally approved we can help. We can provide short or long term consultancy to your organisation, assist in the implementation of a safety management system or develop your Environmental Health & Safety department.

Risk Assessments

We can help you meet your legal duty to carry out “suitable and sufficient health & safety risk assessments”, we can help educate your team and provide the road map for compliance under OSHA, from JHA to business continuity, we can help.

Gulf Sustainability, Quality, Assessment System (SQAS)

We can help you meet your requirements as an Logistic Service Provider under the Gulf SQAS, whether it is providing the road map for implementation or the required training, we can help.

Behaviour Based Safety

Let us develop your behaviour based safety program, train your staff and improve the safety culture within your organisation, safety has always been about people and the more engagement a company has with its workforce the safer the company, we can help.

Human Factors

When employees make mistakes increasing the risk of injury it is usually because they were in one of four states or conditions (rushing, frustration, fatigue, complacency) which significantly contribute to making an error. Telling employees to “be careful” is not enough. They need to know what behaviours to recognize and how to respond, we can help.

Competency Assessments

Competency assessment is all about providing a way of building the skills and knowledge people need to perform their current job. It is also the key element of the succession planning process because it provides a way of developing people for their future roles, we can help.


Audits are conducted by organisations so that they can focus resources on areas of most need, from conducting audits to training your staff to be lead auditors, we can help.